12/12. Club Chuckles: Kyle Kinane [Two Shows!] @ Hemlock Tavern. 1131 Polk St., SF. 7:30&9:30pm. $12-15. Featuring Anna Seregina & Bucky Sinister; Caitlin Gill & Nato Green. Click words to buy tix. 

[Club Chuckles is sending 2013 (and its 10th year) off with a bona fide champion. If you’re loyal to this site, it’s values, and it’s sentiments, you already love Kyle Kinane. For all his accomplishments and well-crafted, well-recieved, subtle takeover as a symbol (and voice) for the embodiment of “Comedy”, Kyle keeps it ghetto. He’s still for the everyman, still a product of humble hard work, a lyrical lush of charming deprecation. Spread the word, be apart of the Club Chuckles movement, and enjoy the illustrious privilege of San Francisco’s many hidden gems.]

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